Everyone knows Jay Z is a huge basketball fan so to ensure his baby girl Blue Ivy is well taken care of while he enjoys the games with Beyonce, the couple rent a high end nursery for their daughter at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Us Weekly reports.
都知道Jay Z是个超级篮球迷。据美国周刊(Us Weekly)报道,Jay Z为了确保和妻子碧昂斯(Beyonce)在看球时,他的小公主布露·艾薇(Blue Ivy)能被好好照料,夫妻俩在布鲁克林的巴克莱中心租下了一座高档幼儿园。

"Jay rents a luxurious basement for $1 million a year. It has an area for Blue filled with toys."

High rollers! The space also has a playroom for adults.

"It's all glass with a bar and TV screen," says the source. "Jay lets friends use his digs when he's not there."

Must be nice to be little Blue Ivy!