The CW has ordered a pilot for a current adaptation of "The Tomorrow People," a beloved '70s British series about humans with supernatural abilities. Powers like , ,, and other interesting tele-things emerge in teenagers, complicating their lives and relationships. Presented as the next stage of human evolution, the only thing these teenagers can't do is intentionally kill other people.
CW宣布预订最新版的《The Tomorrow People(未来青年)》,这是一部70年代广受欢迎的科幻类英剧,讲述一群有着超能力的人们的故事。这些年轻人有心灵感应能力、念力、隐身等各种神奇的特异功能,而这些特殊能力也让他们的爱情、友情和生活更加复杂。作为进化到下个阶段的人类,这些孩子唯一不能做的就是故意杀掉别人。

The new adaptation has quite a pedigree, as it's executive produced by Greg Berlanti ("Arrow") and Julie Plec ("The Vampire Diaries"). The pilot was written by Phil Klemmer ("Chuck").
这部英剧翻拍而来的美剧的执行制片人是《绿箭侠》的制片人Greg Berlanti,和《吸血鬼日记》现任制片人Julie Plec,剧本改编将会由《超市特工》的编剧来做。