Lena Dunham is no liar: "Girls" will be back for Season 3.
Lena Dunham果然没骗我们:《衰姐们》第三季被续订了。

HBO made the official announcement Friday (Jan. 25). Earlier this week, "Girls" creator/star Dunham told Alec Baldwin on his "Here's the Thing" podcast that production on Season 3 was scheduled to start in March.
HBO在周五的时候正式宣布了这个消息。本周早些时候,《衰姐们》的制作人/演员 Dunham在Alec Baldwin的消息发布伴里表示,该剧第三季将会在3月开拍。

HBO says the third season will have 12 episodes, up from 10 in each of the first two seasons.