Lady Gaga, who wore a white Versace dress, sang 'The Lady Is A Tramp' with renowned crooner Tony Bennett at the Washington Convention Center to the delight of those who had campaigned for the President's re-election.
GAGA姐穿着一身夸张的白色范思哲裙子,和著名低音爵士大师托尼·班内特在华盛顿会议中心合唱“The Lady Is A Tramp”,为奥巴马赢得第二次选举助兴。

Lady Gaga thanked the president for standing up for gay rights and dedicated 'Born This Way' to him. She also sang 'Edge of Glory' before Tony Bennett joined her for a duet of 'The Lady is a Tramp'.
Lady Gaga感谢总统为同性恋争取权益,并为他献唱一曲'Born This Way'。GAGA在和托尼·班内特合唱'The Lady is a Tramp'之前还演唱了'Edge of Glory'。

Before Gaga's breathtaking performance, the President and the First Lady Michelle Obama thanked supporters for their hard work, saying that the thousands of guests at the staff ball represented his 'deepest hopes for America.'