Domestic translator Quote

The translation fee is subject to the language, difficulty and the delivery time of the translation. We aim to provide customers with quality translation at good price. We’ll never lower the price purposely and scarify the translation quality to get customers. We think translation is a tough but professional creation; therefore we respect the mental labor achievement of translator and inspire their passion for translation. Meanwhile, we consider the benefits of customers and lower the customer’s cost to the largest extent.

Language Price (RMB/Page)
Chinese <--> English 120~320/thousand word
Chinese <--> Japanese 150~250/thousand word
Chinese <--> Korean    220~300/thousand word
Chinese <--> Russian 220~350/thousand word
Chinese <--> German 240~360/thousand word
Chinese <--> French 240~360/thousand word
Chinese <--> Spanish 250~400/thousand word
Chinese <--> Portuguese 320~450/thousand word
Chinese <--> Italian 350~450/thousand word
Chinese <--> Uygur Language/Tibetan/Mongolian 450~700/thousand word
Chinese <--> Indonesian 350~500/thousand word
Chinese <--> Vietnamese 350~500/thousand word
Chinese <--> Malay/Thai/Turkish/Arabic 360~550/thousand word
Chinese to Hindi/Tamil/Urdu/Finnish 450~800/thousand word
Chinese <--> Hebrew/Norwegian/Greek/Swedish/Dutch/Polish/Danish 500-800/thousand word
Chinese <--> Persian/Estonian/Czech/Slovak/Serbian/ Croatian/ Bulgarian/ Georgian 550-900/thousand word
Chinese <--> Latin/Nigerian Language/Icelandic/Macedonian 550-1000/thousand word
Chinese <--> Lithuanian/Latvian/Swahili/Azerbaidzhan/Hungarian/Turkmen/Kirghiz/ Kirghiz/Brunei Language 58~1100/thousand word
Other Minor Languages <---> Chinese 500~900/thousand word
Foreign Language <---> Foreign Language Please consult the customer service


1. The word number of translation is subject to the number of Chinese character, which is the result of the column “Chinese Character (excluding space)” of Word Statistics of the Word.
2. Electronic files at WORD, EXCEL and PPT format are available. The fee for other formats of file will be charged separately.
3. Deposit is charged at 50% of the contract amount.
4. In case of any problem during the translation, it can be consulted according to the actual conditions.