Website localisation

Do you need to…

  • localise your website project on time, within budget and without headaches?
  • create an efficient localisation workflow to seamlessly export web content and import translated versions?

If so contact Huaboyito discuss how we can meet your needs. 

Huaboyispecialises in translating and localising technical content. This includes corporate websites, software applications, online help systems, technical documentation and eLearning content.

Our experience extends to localising complex SharePoint websites. Our in-house expertise and tools enable us to ensure the integrity of exported SharePoint language variation content. Working with our customers we can develop robust round-trip processes to ensure SharePoint variations can be smoothly and successfully exported, localised and reimported into your SharePoint publishing sites.

Our approach

Huaboyi’s processes are geared towards stretching your translation and localisation budgets. We apply the “Translate once; Re-use many” principle and, by streamlining workflows to achieve synergies across all your project components and languages, we can help your business save significant amounts of time and money.

Key features of our website localisation services

  • Expert use of all industry standard localisation tools – for consistency, efficiency and cost benefits
  • Integration with your development environment
  • Protection of your code and structure throughout the localisation workflow – for accuracy and productivity
  • Adaptation for target markets
  • A consistent, structured approach to every project we manage

Examples of types of website localisation projects we manage

Multilingual websites SharePoint websites  Content management systems

Examples of tools we use for website localisation projects

Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash SDL Passolo

Linguistic quality assurance steps for website localisation projects

  • Terminology management
  • Round-trip pseudo translations to test for internationalisation issues during project set-up
  • Checking and fixing website localisations prior to build, using staging sites
  • Managing in-country reviews by domain specialists, if required
  • Testing and bug reporting

Secure file exchange options

  • Via our FTP site
  • Direct link to your content management system

Find out more about the languages we translate and the tools we use.